CTI Materials drives nano commercialization with it’s patented surfactant free nanoparticle dispersions.

Flexiphene graphene based surfactant
Flexiphene graphene based surfactant

Photo by jhuang / CC BY 2.0

15th August 2018- The patented technology has applications in many fields: sensors, biomedical, energy, smart textiles, flexible electronics, advanced materials, conductive and transparent conductive inks, films, coatings, composites, EMI shielding and many more.

The Vermont nanotechnology company has patented the use of graphenes, including graphene oxide as a surfactant, dispersant, or stabilizing molecule. Products produced with the technology are sold under the Flexiphene trade name.

Flexiphene Surfactant Sheets with CNTs
Flexiphene Surfactant Sheets with CNTs

Photo by tliu / CC BY 2.0

Flexiphene provides the ultimate flexibility in your nano formulations. The colloidal nature of Flexiphene dispersions produced by the company improves the barrier, mechanical and conductive properties of the final products when compared to using surfactants or highly functionalized (damaged) nanoparticles. The company has large scale dispersion equipment and can provide emulsions from 50 mls to 50 gallons drums.

CTI Materials has an issued patent covering the technology and has adopted an aggressive strategy to protect the intellectual property of the technologies being developed.

This patent,”explains Mike Foley, founder “is critical for the direction taken by CTI Materials. CTI aims to position ourselves downstream in the value chain by creating ready-to-use materials and thru strategic alliances with industrial companies that want to apply this technology for integrating nanomaterials into their current or future product lines.” The company seeks to commercialize the technology by developing many nano enabled products and thru strategic licensing agreements.

For more information please contact the company today! https://www.ctimaterials.com/flexiphene/

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CTI Materials is a technology company whose goal is to develop, market, and use innovative processes to enable further nanomaterial commercialization in existing global markets. CTI Nanotechnologies LLC DBA CTI Materials was founded in 2012 to develop nano enabled products and works on external development projects with clients. Flexiphene is also sold thru our sister company Cheap Tubes Inc (founded in 2005)  https://www.cheaptubes.com/flexiphene/