Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive

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Our Conductive Nanotube Additive is specifically made for improving lithium ion battery electrode performance. It is a blend of multi walled carbon nanotubes and a proprietary carbon black. It has been proven to increase electrode tap density and capacitance retention over repeated charging and discharging cycles. The capacity of battery does not decline with repeated charging & discharging cycling.

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Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive

Our Conductive Nanotubes Additive is specifically formulated to improve lithium ion battery electrode performance.  Nanotubes are excellent electrically conductive fibers.  Nanotubes can form conductive networks easily in Lithium Ion battery electrodes which can help to prevent the electrode materials from degradation caused by the expansion and contraction of electrode materials during charging and discharging.  When using our CNTC the capacity of battery does not decline with repeated cycling.


Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes is known to be challenging due to the presence of bulk nanotubes which are normally highly entangled with each other.  Cheap Tubes can now supply our Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive (CNTC) with our standard MWNTs or our highly conductive graphitized MWNTs (GMWNTs).  We can also supply this in Di Water or NMP solvents.

Our Conductive Nanotubes Composite is a Carbon Nanotubes based Conductive Additive for Lithium Ion Battery and other applications.  It is a Nano Composite Material specifically designed for improving Lithium Ion Battery Performance. It is composed of Carbon Nanotubes and of grain electrode conductive additives (carbon black). By adding grain electrode conductive additives to Carbon Nanotubes, the entangled Nanotubes are well separated. As the result, the Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive can be dispersed easily in Lithium Ion battery electrode materials. Additionally, due to the synergetic effect between the Carbon Nanotubes and the grain electrode materials, the discharge capacity and cycle life of Li-Ion battery can be improved remarkably. Furthermore, after adding Conductive Nanotubes Composite additive, the tap density of battery electrode coatings can be increased by 10%.

This product can be used on anode and cathode of Lithium-Ion batteries with oil or water solvents. When using, dispersing equally the additive in pure solvent (Water or NMP),  then add in binder materials and mix for about 2 hours.  Then add active materials and mix for 4~6 hours. The appropriate quantity of additive is 2~3wt.% on cathode and 1~2wt.% on anode.

Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive Performance Data

Using our Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive, the cycle life of 700mAh053048 Li-ion battery can prolonged one more time, see table 1 details below

Table 1 the test result of 700mAh053048 Lithium-Ion battery, of which cathode prepared by LiCoO2 or LiFePO4, anode made by artificial graphite

 conductive nanotubes composite comparison conductive nanotubes composite LiCoO2 capacity retention data conductive nanotubes composite LiFePO4 capacity retention

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