Flexiphene Aqueous Nanomaterial Emulsions

Try our Flexiphene aqueous nanaomaterial emulsions today and put the power of graphene to work in your formulations. Flexiphene is amphiphilic, tune-able by pH, sheet size, and degree of reduction. Flexiphene is transforming the material world! Contact us Today for your Flexiphene aqueous nanomaterial emulsions! To Buy Flexiphene emulsions, please contact us with the materials, amount, and loading ratio you need.


Flexiphene Aqueous Nanomaterial Emulsions

Our patented Flexiphene aqueous nanomaterial emulsions are just what you need to disperse nanomaterials into aqueous solutions. Flexiphene works with SWNTs, MWNTs, GNPs, and many other nanomaterials.

Flexiphene are amphiphilic, tune-able surfactant sheets, highly soluble in many solvents and can make colloidal dispersions of nanomaterials, stable for weeks to months.

We typically work with Di Water and can modify the solution if required. Please contact us today and let us know what materials you require, the loading ratios, and solvents and we can quote it for you.

Prices depend on materials used and loading ratios.

Flexiphene aqueous nanomaterial emulsions are transforming the material world!

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