Reduced Graphene Oxide

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Our Reduced Graphene Oxide is produced by a modified hummer’s method process and then reduced by a microwave process. The reduction process removes the functional groups which promote dispersion and restores the carbon structure.

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Reduced Graphene Oxide

We supply Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) in powder form, dispersed, or as a coating on substrates.

Research into effective yet inexpensive ways to make derivatives or related materials has attracted tremendous interest. Graphene oxide consists of highly oxidized carbon atoms, made by chemical oxidation of graphite. A material which is inexpensive and abundant. While graphene oxide is an oxidized form of graphene, laced with oxygen-containing groups, by reducing graphene oxide we remove the functional groups and restore the carbon structure to take advantage of graphene’s unique properties. It is conductive not insulating like graphene oxide but is relatively hard to produce.

Our Reduced Graphene oxide is synthesized using a modified Hummers method and reduced by the microwave method.

Reduced Graphene Oxide Specifications

The specification of our Reduced Graphene Oxide are:

Size: 300-800nm lateral dimensions

Thickness:  0.7-1.2 nm by AFM

Solubility:  Surfactant assisted dispersion is necessary

Purity: 99wt%

Elemental Analysis: C: 91.05%, O: 8.01%, H: 0.94%

C to O Mass Ratio:11.37

Reduced Graphene Oxide XPS

Reduced Graphene Oxide XPS data is shown below



Reduced Graphene Oxide TGA

Reduced Graphene Oxide TGA data is shown below



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