Few Layer Graphene Oxide 4-8L

$195.00 - $225.00 / per gram

Our Few Layer Graphene Oxide 4-8L is produced by a modified hummer’s method and it’s 40-60% functional group content provides high solubility in Di Water, NMP, DMF, DCB, and other solvents that behave like water.
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Few Layer Graphene Oxide 4-8L

We supply Few Layer Graphene Oxide 4-8L by the milligram, gram, or KG in powder form, dispersed, or as a coating on substrates.

Our few layer graphene oxide 4-8L uses no metal catalysts in it’s production, it is made by a modified Hummers method.  Our graphene oxide is soluble in Di Water, NMP, DCB, or DMF so it can be easily dispersed into solvents for further processing without the use of surfactants. The average thickness of our single layer graphene oxide is 0.7-1.2nm as shown by the AFM image.  The conductivity & structure of graphene can be restored to our SLGO by reduction & annealing processes such as a hydrazine reduction or by annealing our graphene oxide at up to 400C in a forming gas (95% argon, 5% hydrogen) atmosphere.  Reduced graphene oxide is also available upon request.

We can provide single layer graphene oxide and few layer graphene oxide dispersions In Di Water, NMP, THF, or DMF. Hazmat shipping fees may apply. The standard concentration for dispersions is 2mgs/ml, up to 10mgs/ml is available.

Few Layer Graphene Oxide 4-8 Specifications

Size: 300-800nm lateral dimensions

Thickness:  02.8-9.6 nm by AFM

Solubility:  DI Water, NMP, DCB, DMF, and other solvents that behave like water

Purity: 99wt%

Elemental Analysis: C: 35-42%, O: 45-55%, H: 3-5%

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