Few Layer Graphene Oxide 2-4L

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Our Few Layer Graphene Oxide 2-4L is produced by a modified hummer’s method and features 40-60% functional group content providing high solubility in Di Water features high solubility in Di Water, NMP, DMF, DCB, and other solvents that behave like water.

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Few Layer Graphene Oxide 2-4L

We supply Few Layer Graphene Oxide 2-4L by the milligram, gram, or KG in powder form, dispersed, or as a coating on substrates.

The structure and properties of few layer graphene 2-4l oxide depend on particular synthesis method and degree of oxidation. It typically preserves the layer structure of the parent graphite, but the layers are buckled and the interlayer spacing is about two times larger (~0.7 nm) than that of graphene. Strictly speaking “oxide” is an incorrect but historically established name. Besides oxygen, epoxide groups (bridging oxygen atoms), other functional groups experimentally found are: carbonyl (C=O), hydroxyl (-OH), phenol, for graphite oxides prepared using sulphuric acid (e.g. Hummers method) also some impurity of sulphur is often found, for example in a form of organosulfate groups.

Graphene oxide layers are about 1.1 ± 0.2 nm thick, Few Layer Graphene Oxide Layers are multiples of this thickness. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy shows the presence of local regions where oxygen atoms are arranged in a rectangular pattern with lattice constant 0.27 nm × 0.41 nm. The edges of each layer are terminated with  carboxyl and carbonyl groups.  Graphene oxide is hydrophilic and easily hydrated when exposed to water vapor or immersed in liquid water, resulting in a distinct increase of the inter-planar distance (up to 1.2 nm in saturated state). Additional water is also incorporated into interlayer space due to high pressure induced effects. Maximal hydration state of graphite oxide in liquid water corresponds to insertion of 2-3 water monolayers, cooling the graphite oxide/H2O samples results in “pseudo-negative thermal expansion” and below freezing point of water media results in de-insertion of one water monolayer and lattice contraction. Complete removal of water from the structure seems difficult since heating at 60–80 °C results in partial decomposition and degradation of the material.

Similar to water, graphene oxide also easily incorporates other polar solvents, e.g. alcohols.

We can provide single layer graphene oxide and few layer graphene oxide dispersions In Di Water, NMP, THF, or DMF. Hazmat shipping fees may apply. The standard concentration for dispersions is 2mgs/ml, up to 10mgs/ml is available.

Few Layer Graphene Oxide 2-4L Specifications

Size: 300-800nm lateral dimensions

Thickness:  1.4-4.8 nm by AFM

Solubility:  DI Water, NMP, DCB, THF, DMF, and other solvents that behave like water

Purity: 99wt%

Elemental Analysis: C: 35-42%, O: 45-55%, H: 3-5%

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